Last Lesson

LAST LESSON (Teach Me Trilogy – Book 3)

Sample Chapters

Book 3-WebsiteChapter 10

We pulled along the side of the road in a familiar area. Too familiar. I hesitated before leaving the car, wondering if it’s a good idea. We haven’t been here together since high school and I’m not sure it’s a place that will help me forget. After all the days of sitting here alone and reliving those terrible moments, it’s the last place I would pick. Before I could object, Paige jumped out of the car, motioning for me to do the same. Why not, what have I got to lose?

Dark trees rustled with the signs of spring in the glistening moonlight. A slight chill dampened the air despite the warm days reminding you that winter hasn’t completely left yet. I rubbed my arms, wishing I had brought a jacket. Paige beamed as she bopped around the side of the car her eyes sparkling with her trademark mischievousness.


“Here? You think you’re going to finally convince me to jump off that cliff?”

I’ll never forget the day she did it. At least a thirty-foot drop straight to the ocean. She pretended to drown, so I would jump in after her. Almost did, but thankfully she couldn’t hold her breath long enough. God, I was so mad at her, I don’t think we talked for weeks after that. This time though I don’t think I’ll need any convincing.

“No silly, thought we could have a little bon fire. Chat, drink, dream about the lives we’re gonna have someday, like the good-ol-days.”

It was always more Paige dreaming and me listening, but I never complained. Not like I had any of my own dreams to share. Those were set in stone the day I opened my mouth about honoring my Mother. And when I finally allowed myself to dream of a life I loved, with a man I loved, look what happened.

“I don’t know if I have any dreams left.”

Paige’s face fell like a sad puppy dog and so did my heart. All she’s doing is trying to cheer me up and I already ruined the night by stomping my negativity all over it.


“No, I’m sorry.” She wrapped her arms around me in a foreign embrace. We’ve been best friends forever, but never the touchy-feely type. At least I didn’t think Paige was, but maybe I never realized it. Hell, for the past three years I’ve been wondering if we’re even friends anymore. And for some reason, that thought made me latch on harder, her signature cool cucumber scent calming my frayed nerves. “I just know when you go off to Maryland and I go to PA school—”

“Wait,” I pulled back, looking her in the eyes, “physician assistant school?”

“Yeah,” she smiled shyly like I discovered her inner most secret, “I never wanted to be a doctor.” Her revelation sent my head spinning and I didn’t even have a drink yet. “I don’t want all that training, residency, fellowship, being stuck in one type of medicine. With PA if I don’t like one area I can just switch to another. You know me.”

I returned her smile because yeah, I did know her if her many boyfriends were any proof. She has it all, brains, beauty, she knows what she wants and she’s going to get it. I’ve been so wrapped up in my own world; I didn’t even think to ask her about her plans after college. Bad girlfriend, bad daughter, bad friend, can’t I do anything right?

“But I was thinking we won’t have time for this anymore. We probably won’t even see each other, other than holidays. And I just thought we could have one last hurrah, for old time’s sake and I thought we’d do it tonight before you change your mind or you know get caught or something.”

“You know what? One last hurrah does sound pretty damn good.” Especially since I didn’t know how I would get back in the house or even if I could handle the stress of doing this again. “Lead the way.”

We made our way down the overgrown path with prickly vines nipping at our arms. Can tell no one has been through here in a long time. We had it quite worn down back in the day. Waves crashed nearby with the sea salt coating my lips. I inhaled the damp night air savoring the briny scent. Tension loosened its stranglehold on my muscles draining away like the rest of my life. Maybe Paige is right, this is what I needed.

We hit the meadow-like clearing and I made my way over to the edge of the cliff. The brilliant full moon reminded me of my first time with Andre. My stomach fluttered at the thought of his tongue dancing around mine. I peered over the edge, black waves crashed into the rocky cliff below. A shiver crawled up my spine as I thought of someone being consumed by the power of the Earth. Wonder if it’d feel anything like being consumed by him. Damn I need a drink.

I turned back to Paige who stood there watching me with a sly smirk. Weird, but tonight I didn’t care. Tonight’s about forgetting, letting loose, finally being rebellious in all my twenty-one soon-to-be twenty-two years. “I hope you brought a lot of alcohol.”

“Shit, I forgot it in the car. Hold tight, I’ll be right back.”

Typical, always the forgetful one, but it felt good, falling into our natural roles. She forgets, I remind. She leads, I follow. She’s tall, blonde, and beautiful and I’m not. True opposites to the very core. And tonight I didn’t mind, it felt comforting.

I looked around and started picking up some sticks, hoping that she remembered matches. Rocks outlining our old fire pit still sat where we left them almost four years ago. I always wondered if other people came here, but it’s such a random hidden spot I doubted it. Every time I came here alone, I never saw anyone. We only found it because we got lost in the woods one time. Boy, did we get in trouble for that. I think we were only seven or eight at the time. My parents took us to the beach for the day and we wandered off while my Mother lost herself in her research and my Father fell asleep. Megan was there too, but she and her friend were sunbathing with their headphone in, ignoring us as usual. So Paige, wanting to go on an adventure, claimed she knew of this cave where a magical fairy lived. Sounds silly now, but back then I would have followed her to the end of the Earth. She always had a vivid imagination and well, in my house imagination was heavily frowned upon. But when nightfall came, we had forgotten about the fairy and were cold, hungry, and scared. We stumbled upon the clearing and huddled together as search parties combed the thick woods. A police helicopter spotted us at some point. I don’t think they would have ever found us if we didn’t find the clearing, even though we weren’t far from the road. After that night we made a pact that it would be our secret place. A secret clubhouse we called it, even though it lacked a house. Paige always said it was invisible. I smiled and shook my head at the memory. We had some good times here.

Something rustled off to my left and I almost jumped out of my skin. “Paige?”

No answer, other than the wind whisking its fingertips across my hair. Ever since she gave me a heart attack that one time she jumped out of a bush, I’ve been paranoid. I rubbed at my arms as I continued to search for some sticks. Until I heard one crack. I swiveled around searching the dark swaying trees.

“Okay Paige it’s not funny.”

My heart thundered in my ears muffling the noisy woods. I held my breath, waiting, as I watched the shadowy figure float between the trees before bursting into the moonlight, its glowing green eyes penetrating me to my very core.

Chapter 11

I dropped to my knees, tears flowing down my face unable to hold back anymore. Everything bubbled to the surface. The accident. My promise. The years of punishment I inflicted upon myself until one man freed me from my chains. It’s not your fault. Only to have my Father force me into a life I no longer wanted. A life I’m powerless to change without hurting the person I love most. The very person rushing to my side after all the horrible things I said to him. But why? Why would he still want me?

My thoughts scattered when Andre scooped me into his arms, pulling me close, his heart racing against mine. He wiped away my tears with a tender touch that stirred my soul. I held my breath afraid to give in. Give in to feelings I can’t have. Feelings that are dangers not only to me, but Andre too. He kissed my cheeks, over my eyes, and worked his way to my mouth. Our lips connected and my chest swelled as he breathed new life into me, but this can’t happen. I can’t let him pull me back in, risk his life like this. I pulled away even though my heart begged me not to.

“We can’t. And after what I did—”

“Shh, don’t worry,” he kissed me again, the lashing of his tongue striking the words from my lips, “Paige told me everything. I understand. I know why you did what you did.”

He knows and he still wants me? I felt more confused than when I first saw him and I couldn’t comprehend why Paige would tell him everything either. Well, not everything. There’s still that one thing that even she doesn’t know. I swallowed away the bitter taste.

“I’m sorry Andre,” my voice wavered as fresh tears sprang into my eyes, “I’m so sorry. I couldn’t bear the thought of you going to prison because of me. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay honey, it’s okay.” He pulled my back to his chest, nuzzling his head against mine. His spicy cologne shrouded me in a cloud of comfort. “We’ll figure something out.”

“But I can’t Andre.” I tried to push him away again, but he held tight. “I can’t do this. It’s too much for me, knowing that—”

His lips cut me off rendering me defenseless against their willful ways. He thrust his tongue around mine with desperate need. A need so strong I could feel it deep in my bones.

“I’m not losing you again Livi,” he said, his voice husky with longing that tore at my soul.

He pulled me onto his lap and I didn’t resist. Energy surged inside me, wanting and needing, as his hands traced over the curves of my body. My breasts swelled in response, grazing his chest. He pulled me to him, sliding his tongue along the sinewy folds of my neck. I threw my head back and moaned, all my inhibitions lost to my hunger for more.

“The sounds you make,” he whispered, nibbling on the edge of my ear, cranking the heat inside me to a blazing inferno, “God, they drive me fucking wild.”

He cupped the back of my shirt and yanked it over my head with one pull. My breasts bounced in the cool breeze that swirled around the nipples stiffening them to pointed mountain tops. His warm mouth clamped onto them sucking with fervor, but he might as well have been sucking down there. My sex pulsated hot and wet as his fingernails clawed down my bare back. I gripped onto his shirt with heat surging through my veins, coursing with new life. Born again in the arms of my one true love. I ripped his shit open, buttons flying everywhere, and clawed at his steel-plated chest.

“Oh naughty girl,” he growled, “my turn.”

He pushed me onto the cool ground, the wet ocean dew sizzling against my scorching flesh. With one tug, my pants were off, leaving me barren in the moonlight. Andre sucked in a sharp breath as he rocked back on his heels.

“Are you okay?” I pushed myself up, folding my arms across my chest.

“Don’t.” He shook his head in awe and peeled away my hands. “Livi, you’re more beautiful every time I see you. I’ve been lost without you and seeing you like this has made me want you all the more.”

He pounced on me his arms circling tight around my burning body. I wrapped my legs around his waist with his engorged excitement pressing on mine. Our lips found each other, tasting, exploring with ferocity only animals possess. Heat surged between my legs as he rubbed his straining desire against me, his jeans rough on my clit. Running my hands through his hair, I gripped tight and tugged, feeling the need to release the building pressure. He emitted a low growl that rumbled from his chest to mine.

“I can’t wait any longer. I need you now.”

Without a word, I wrenched his pants open and pulled out his large throbbing manhood. He grabbed my ass, lifted me up, and entered me. Goosebumps flooded my body as his cock stretched me to the max. I moaned loud, the fullness almost foreign again and all the more delicious. We held still, foreheads touching, savoring the moment of becoming one. His fingers rapped softly down my back with our mouths connecting and souls coming alive. My heart beat wildly in tandem against his. Hands curled into my hair pulling it taut. This is what I want. This is me and damn if I didn’t love it.

“Fuck me Andre.”

I felt him smile before he kissed me once more. He rocked, my hips following his lead, his cock pressing against that special spot, yet pulling away like a teenage tease. Rough jeans scraped against my clit with every thrust, each time like striking a match that wants to ignite. And then it did. Oh did it ever. We lost it together, each of us howling into the moonlight. My body shook with his as the thorough of lust pulled us down into its lair.

Andre flopped back against a tree, pulling me with him. We panted together our breaths puffs of smoke in the moonlight. The scent of spent sex swirled around us reminding me of what we just did. What I just did. What now can never be undone. Because I know I can never let him go. We’re made for each other and that scared me to the deepest darkest depths of my heart. For I know our secret will not stay a secret forever and I just pray I don’t lose him for good.

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