Broken Rules

BROKEN RULES (Teach Me Trilogy – Book 2)

Sample Chapters

Book 2-WebsiteChapter 5

I scanned the bar once more before spreading my legs wide, the cool air caressing my hot wetness. Delicate fingers touched the inside of my thigh inches away from there. I held my breath, my nipples stiffening as he crawled closer. Without my bra, anyone can see how turned on I am. Including the young waiter who’s heading our way. I tried to slide my legs shut, but Andre clenched my leg forcing them to stay open.

“Hey folks, can I get you something to drink?”

Andre looked to me, but I couldn’t meet his eye. Not when I knew he could feel the heat emanating from between my legs.

“Sure, we’ll have two glasses of chardonnay.”

The second he left Andre leaned into me his lips touching my ear. “Don’t be shy Livi; I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“I know.” My face turned hot at the thought of what I was about to admit. When I asked about going out together, I’m not sure that’s what I had in mind. Actually, I know that’s not what I had in mind. But now that I’ve had a taste of it, I wanted more. Lots more. “I just never thought I’d enjoy it so much.”

“I always hoped you would.” Andre grinned like a teenage boy with his first erection. “Let’s see how discreet we can be.” He leaned closer, heated waves of desire sizzling off him. “Don’t move,” he whispered, his hand sliding up my skirt and over my smooth mound, a single finger slowly circling the hardening notch.

I caught the waiter heading back our way, but Andre didn’t let up. Gripping the table, I tried to remain composed when all I wanted was for him to throw me on it and fuck me in front of everyone. Rip my clothes off. Have his way while all eyes feasted upon us. My hips bucked ever so as the waiter reached our table.

He leaned over, setting my drink down for just a second too long. Andre cleared his throat snapping the young man to attention. I glanced down to see the edge of my spread eagle sex in full view blocked only by Andre’s finger resting on my clit. With his face red, he scurried away almost forgetting Andre’s drink.

“Do you want more?” His asked, his hand gliding between my swollen lips.

I squeezed my eyes shut and nodded unable to comprehend why I enjoyed this torture.

“And don’t worry they can look. I want them to look.” My eyes shot open connecting with his gaze that challenged every doubt I had of doing this. Of being with him, out in public, risking it all. With that one glance he told me everything; that he will stop at nothing to have me. “But if they ever so much as breathe on you, they’ll wish they were dead.”

I took a sip of the woodsy wine hoping to quell the twisting tension wrapping itself around every nerve. Without knowing how long Andre plans on torturing me, I’m not sure I’ll make it. And I don’t think I’m ready for everyone to see me orgasm. Not yet. Not here at least when my friends could be lurking nearby wondering where I am. Andre pushed himself deep inside scattering my thoughts and leaving only one behind. Fuck me. A quiet moan escaped, as he formed a come-hither with his finger and glided it along that special place.

“All summer I thought of you,” he whispered, “and I thought I would lose my mind if I never touched you again.” He kneaded my hip urging me closer. “Livi, I have to have you and I don’t care who sees us together.”

Our lips collided in a longing so overwhelming I almost couldn’t breathe. Months felt like years and years felt like a lifetime. His tongue curled around mine drawing me deeper into him. I should never have left him; we belong together, like this, consumed by one another. I slid my hand along his leg covering his growing erection and making him harder with every second that passed.

“If you start that, you better be ready to finish it.”

“I was more than ready the second I saw you.”

His eyes flared and a sly smirk told me he accepted the challenge. Taking my hand, he pulled me out of the booth, threw a fifty on the table, and we headed for the door.

Lingering stares followed us as we trotted down the beach. I said a silent prayer hoping none of them knew either of us. After all this is what I wanted. Consequences be damned because despite my worry, I know this is right. Or so I thought until we paused in front of the most popular bar on the beach.

Chapter 6

Swarms of people converged inside the swanky abode making it look like a thriving bees nest. They spilled out from the rooftop patio above and if anyone looked down they would see us for sure. A knot formed in the pit of my stomach. Too many people, too many for me even. His mischievous eyes watched me, raising an eyebrow when I shook my head no.

“Lesson number two, never make a scene.”

He tugged me into the alley beside the bar and pounced on me like a hungry tiger. His kiss had equal ferocity that banished all worries, pulling me away from the world, and into our own universe. Heat smoldered between us melting all my inhibitions. Let them stare. Watch him possess me with the tendrils of his desire. Wetness dripped between my legs, waiting, wanting, aching for him.

His hands moved under my shirt, thumbing at my curves. Between the roughness of his kiss and the softness of his touch, it was almost too much to handle. My knees shook and I couldn’t catch my breath. Somehow I managed to find his zipper and release his engorged manhood. I fisted the soft flesh, enjoying the feel of his throbbing excitement.

“Fuck me now,” I whispered.

He pulled back breathless and looked into my eyes, placing a finger over my lips. I flicked my tongue out and pulled him inside, sucking hard, pumping his cock to the rhythm of my mouth. His eyes blazed, urging me on. Breathing hard, his hand slid up the side of my leg and pulled it to his hip, our bodies a perfect fit. With one push he thrust his hard cock deep inside my soaking sex. I gasped and tried not to moan, but couldn’t help myself. It felt like our very first time all over again. Only better.

He found his rhythm and I matched the waves of his body. Every thrust pushing me closer to the edge. Out of the corner of my eye I spied a group on the beach peering down the alley pointing in our direction. I didn’t know if they could see, but the thought alone sent me off. My back arched careening me into a world only Andre could take me to. His strong arms held me tight. Every nerve buzzed with ecstasy. Spasms of pleasure pulsed through me. I sunk my teeth into his shoulder to keep from crying out. A few more thrusts and he sagged with me against the wall all of our energy spent.

“Livi, every time with you gets better and better.” He rested his forehead against mine, fingers gliding along my neck as he kissed me softly. “I must have been crazy to let you walk out that door.”

“I was crazy to leave you.”

He kissed me again long and deep, stirring the fiery embers once again. I trembled inside wishing I didn’t feel the way I did.  Because I know nothing good can come of it. If he’s taking the next step that means so should I, but I’m not sure I can. I’m not sure I can reveal the depths of my own scars.

“I have something important I need to talk to you about, but right now it’s time we split before your friends call the cops.”

I nodded unable to find my words. What could he want to talk about? That night? That terrible night when we both realized we have dark demons lurking in the shadows threatening to rip us apart. Or worse? I didn’t want to think of worse. Worse meant I was right and in this case I didn’t want to be right.

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