Are You a Grammar Nerd?

I am guilty as charged! Before I read grammarly’s infographic, I would have denied it till I ran out of breath. I don’t look like a grammar nerd according to the chart below where I only fall into two out of the five categories (woman and college-educated), but oh baby, I am a grammar nerd at heart. Semicolons? Yes please! Books, words, and Oxford comma? Say no more, you had me at books. And don’t even get me started on the word irregardless. Just typing it sends shivers up my spine. So check out the chart below to see if you too are a grammar nerd at heart.

Grammar Nerd


5 thoughts on “Are You a Grammar Nerd?

  1. I cringe at irregardless…… and I’m not even a grammar nerd, lol. I started as an ESL ( English as Second language ) and unfortunately, grammar is not taught here in the US. It was my Mom( she grew up in the Philippines ) who taught me a bit about English grammar. ( In the Philippines, English is taught from first grade and is the medium of instruction….. Reading and Grammar, that’s the title of the course ) ” Most happiest “, Mom calls that redundancy and she’s surprised it’s a mistake spoken by native speakers.

    1. Wow that’s awesome your Mom taught you! And so cool that Philippines starts that early. The US really needs to get better with their language instruction (both English and foreign languages). It’s so awful it isn’t taught in the US, embarrassing actually. Other than the very basics, I didn’t learn anything until college when I had an English professor who studied overseas. She was a major stickler for grammar too! I wish I could hire her now to edit my books lol

      1. Mom said they were taught stuff like verbs, adverbs, present and past participles. We weren’t taught that here in the US right. ? I guess this is formal Englsh instruction. Over here we go straight to reading because we already speak the language. I’m not surprised grammarly fans mostly hail from India , the Philippines, UK ( they actually call elementary schools grammar schools ) Australia ( formerly a British Commonwealth ) .

        1. I definitely don’t remember being taught that. Well, I do remember them defining a verb and adverb, but not actually telling us how to use them. Most of my grammar knowledge came from reading until I went to college. That’s a good point about the grammar schools! I didn’t think of that 🙂

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