Fifty Reasons Why I Love You Dad

My Beautiful Mother and Handsome Father
My Beautiful Mother and Handsome Father

Happy Father’s Day!

In honor of this special occasion, I decided to write a special gift to my Dad with 50 reasons why I love him and I wanted to share with you below. And if you have a Father, Mother, surrogate or a special someone in your life don’t wait to tell them why you love them… life is short and we only have so much time 🙂 so thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

  1. You would always play with me from board games, to cards, to any type of sports, to trucks and race cars, to video games… and wouldn’t go easy on me, but sometimes you would let me win
  2. You might sometimes look like a grizzly bear, but you have a big heart
  3. You always came to my dance recitals with a flower in hand
  4. Our shared love of books, cars, wine, animated movies, Mom’s apple pie, organization, and attitude… that snappy “Reed” attitude
  5. How we share a sense of humor – even if it’s inappropriate at times
  6. How strong you are and no matter the pain you’re always able to push through
  7. Used to bring me little goodies like my favorite candy from the vending machine or a rose on a special holiday or a stuffed animal to cheer me up
  8. Always gave my furry friends a proper burial
  9. Taught me how to practice even if I didn’t want to, which laid the foundation for a strong work ethic
  10. Worked hard and sacrificed so Mom and I could have a good life and so I would never go without
  11. Taught me so many things like how to play pool, shoot a gun, drive a stick, ride a dirtbike, hit a ball, shoot a basket, throw a punch…
  12. Would always watch cartoons with me and never complain – I think you might have secretly enjoyed them just as much as me… I still watch some today like Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, and all the Acme ones
  13. Know just the right advice and when I need to hear it most
  14. How you’d always make an effort to put a smile on my face, especially when I was feeling down
  15. How you taught me what it takes to succeed
  16. You’d always make the best eggs sunny-side up for me
  17. And you’d make the best gooey grilled cheeses and hot hams anyone’s ever had
  18. You’d always let me tag along and take me for rides in your Corvette or on your Harley
  19. We’d garden together… you always had the biggest and best garden
  20. You’d carve the MOST amazing pumpkins I’d ever seen, free-handed too!
  21. You’d help me build snowmen and have snowball fights with me
  22. You’d take me on 4-wheeler rides to the sandpits, which was so much fun and ride bikes around the neighborhood with me
  23. Our shared love of animals, especially black labs
  24. Because “Santa” always gave me the best presents like that creepy crawlers set and race track
  25. Always honest and told the truth
  26. Would give a little tough love and though it wasn’t my favorite growing up, now I have an appreciation as it taught me self-control, independence, and respect
  27. Curious and always expanding your mind, if you don’t know something you’ll read up and learn everything you can about it
  28. You always led by example and taught me things like how to be a responsible person and how to stand up for yourself
  29. You’ve shown me what it takes to make a marriage work, even after 30+ years you and Mom are still going strong
  30. Whenever I see MASH or Hogan’s Hero’s on TV, I always think of you and how we’d watch them over and over again – I may not have liked them back then, but they hold a special spot in my heart now
  31. The smell of your after-shave that always reminds me of you
  32. How you danced to Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer at my wedding, and I’m not talking slow-dance either, something I’ve never seen you do
  33. How you can somehow manage to fix almost everything, sometimes without even trying
  34. You were always so good at building things likes Legos castles and paper airplanes
  35. How you still have a great head of hair
  36. You grew a soul patch because I thought it was cool (and still do!)
  37. Our emails to each other, even if they don’t happen as often anymore, I still love hearing from you
  38. How you always trusted me, even when I was a teenager eek, and gave me my space
  39. How you’d give me horsey and piggyback rides every time I would ask
  40. You’d take me sledding at the golf course and go over the big bump even though it probably killed your back
  41. You always knew when to let me figure it out on my own and when to help
  42. How you get me and understand what I’m going through because we’re so much alike
  43. You loved me no matter what, mistakes and all, like when I drove the lawn mower into a tree
  44. You walked me down the aisle and gave me away, even though I know you didn’t really want to
  45. You teared up when you saw me in my wedding dress
  46. How you inspire me to keep going, keep achieving, and keep doing more.
  47. How you’re always willing to help like bring the tractor over, do drywall work, provide a good contact, help make our house our home
  48. You showed me what it means to be a good husband and great father, so I would know what to look for in a husband
  49. First man I ever loved and the first one who will always, no matter what, hold a special place in my heart
  50. Most of all, I love you for who you are and who you’ve helped me become. I’m proud to call you my role model and Father. I love you more than life itself and would do anything for you! You’re the best Dad and deserve so much more than I can give you!

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21 thoughts on “Fifty Reasons Why I Love You Dad

  1. Stephanie, that is such a sweet and very moving tribute to your father. I am sure if it brought a tear to my eyes while reading it, you father shed a few. Fathers and daughters are a unique and special relationship.

    1. Aww, thank you so much Michelle! I worked really hard on it and I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂 Unfortunately, he got sick on Father’s Day, so we had to reschedule to next weekend. I’ll definitely have the tissues nearby though!

    1. Aw thank you so much Patricia! He got sick on Father’s Day, so we had to reschedule to next weekend. I’m very excited to give it to him though… I think… just need to have the tissues nearby haha.

  2. As I read through your list I couldn’t help thinking how these could be characteristics for a male character in a novel. Your dad sounds like a wonderful person. Fathers are special (as mothers are) and your list so vividly illustrates the important ways in which Fathers mark our lives. Great imagery. 🙂

  3. I especially liked number 12, Stephanie. We used to have Disney movie night every Friday with the kids. I secretly love modern animated family movies as a result, such as Despicable Me and Up.

    A heart warming post. Thank you.

    1. Thank you! Oh Disney movie night, that’s such a great idea! Up is one of my favorites too along with Toy Story and Wall-E… and of course Lion King, Aladdin, Ratatouille, Beauty and the Beast, Bolt… oh heck, I’ll just take them all. But there’s one that I’ve never seen and have always wanted to and that’s Fantasia. I’ve seen snippets of it, just never the whole movie. Someday!

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