The Wait is Over… I have experienced one of my dreams…

Our little phantom
Our little phantom

“Close Your Eyes and Surrender to Your Darkest Dreams”

For years I’ve waited and for years I’ve longed. But finally, FINALLY last weekend it came. All thanks to my husband too.  I couldn’t have hoped for anything better.  Were there issues?  Sure, nothing’s perfect.  However, I had no expectations going into it because I refused to see or learn anything about it.  Talk about torture!  But boy am I glad I did because I was blown away!  By what, right?  Phantom of the Opera of course!

If you haven’t seen it… well what the heck are you waiting for?  Don’t worry it took me many years to finally make it a priority.  Okay, I can’t take all the credit… my husband bought the tickets.  Knowing frugal me I would have never pushed the button.

So what’s so spectacular about it?  Well, let’s see… the love triangle story line, the beautiful music (song of the night, my favorite!), the graceful dancing, the humor in some scenes, the actors themselves… there’s so many things I can’t even tell you all of them!  The actors were extremely talented and really became one with their character.  I think my favorite three were, of course, the Phantom, Christine, and the ballet mistress.  Piangi was pretty good too (and funny!).  And the masquerade scene… wow… that just stole the show.  I think I could watch it over and over again.  Okay, well that and the music of the night scene.  Both were absolutely sensational!

What wasn’t so fabulous?  I was disappointed with this production’s use of the chandelier (I knew a little bit about this part before going only because so many people have talked about it).  In the beginning, when it fell from the ceiling, the lights went out and they sprayed fake rubber glass over us, which was a cool touch.  But that’s it.  It had no other role other than looking pretty hanging over our heads.  On another note, at some points the singing was a bit over the top making it difficult to understand some of the words.  I thought maybe with my old hearing it was just me, but my husband agreed (and he can hear a whisper in a cafeteria full of middle school students).

Oh, and one of the dancers kept irritating me.  Her timing was slow, flexibility needed work, and don’t be so obvious when you’re looking at other dancers trying to figure out what comes next.  Sure all dancers, including myself, have done it, but it’s called peripheral vision.  If you didn’t guess, I’m a former dancer and professional ballroom dancer, so these little things annoy me, but I’m sure most people (my husband included) didn’t notice at all.  Don’t worry, that didn’t ruin my experience.  Just had to put it out there because if you get such an opportunity as a dancer, make sure you nail it.

Otherwise… I loved it!  And the book is finally going on my TBR list.  I’ve heard it’s very different from the play though, but that’s okay.  I’d like to see the inspiration behind the musical and compare the two.  Have any of you seen or read the book before?  What are your thoughts?  If not, I totally recommend you go!  It’ll take your breath away 🙂


16 thoughts on “The Wait is Over… I have experienced one of my dreams…

  1. I am so very glad you achieved this dream. My husband and I had similar thoughts and him more than me. He majored in Theater Arts and so is rather picky but, he reminded me – this is a travelling production and lots of times, they use local talent who don’t always have the time to practice or the Broadway type experience the regulars of the company have. I was more irritated by a couple of dancers but in retrospect, when he explained to me, I felt better about them. he too was disappointed in the chandelier and felt it underused. He has the seen the original on Broadway and felt that it was unfair of him to compare. but he did anyway, LOL. The book is very different. But it is still a good read and if you let it transport you back to that time and space, it is a very good read. And I love the pic your Phantom! what a sweetie. I bet Phantom loves the new digs! After we saw the travelling production, I bought a dvd and just fell in love imagining – all over again. When it came to Richmond, the papers had fun reporting on the actions of the main actors – mainly where they ate. Richmond is a HUGE town of foodies. And that was the main interest – where they ate and what they liked best. As is always the case when Broadway or Hollywood come to town. We don’t care about scandals…what and where did they eat???? But anyway, I am so glad you enjoyed Phantom and there was still magic for you.

    1. Thank you! Me too 🙂 Another check off the ‘ol bucket list. That’s a really good point about it being a traveling production and using local talent. I never thought of that and definitely changes my perception of it. My husband saw the production when it was in Toronto and said they did so much more with the chandelier too. Made me a little sad lol Oh great! Everyone is saying how good the book is… it’s moving up on my TBR list. Aw, thank you; she’s such a good girl. We were making cookies and had a little flour accident, but I don’t think she minded lol And you are so right! She loves the new house, especially the big yard. Today’s her birthday, so I’m stopping after work to get her a special treat too. So not spoiled lol Ohhh I have to see the movie version now. I forgot about that. That’s funny about the foodie thing. Ha, big news cast eats at Panera haha Thank you, I just loved it. And I’m so glad I have someone to discuss it with too 🙂 You definitely helped build the suspense before I saw it 🙂

      1. Actually, it’s more like – they were seen at Cuba!Cuba!, or dined at Chez Foushee, or had drinks at Haiku, or lunch at Rappahanock Oyster House…Richmond people are serious and very trendy foodies…even the lunch carts get reviewed. There are a lot of chain things around and in certain areas, but the unchains are the ones that shine and make waves. At the Oyster house, they have a tasting plate with 2 each of 8 different oysters (raw or steamed) so you can see how different each taste from the other – all fresh and out of Virginia waters. Haiku has a Japanese chef who trained under Nobu…so we are serious about our food! not to mention the bbq fights, the inns that specialize in southern fusion or antique recipes going back to when Williamsburg was new. This is a lovely place for die hard foodies.

        1. That oyster house sounds phenomenal! (I’m starving right now if you couldn’t tell lol.) That’s so crazy they even review lunch carts. I’ve been to Richmond once, but never realized how serious they take their food. Southern fusion would be really interesting to try and that oyster house too… major yum! I’ve always wanted to go to Williamsburg, so if I happen to someday I’ll have to get some restaurant recommendations 🙂

          1. Will be happy. A lot of the inns in Colonial Williamsburg serve colonial food – truly! very interesting. Yeah, we are very serious about our food! some, downright snobbish! The different tastes of the oysters, textures, different ones in different seasons, is really good. I grew up eating a lot of different types of oysters. Several times during the fall, when I was growing up, we had an oyster roast. A pit was dug (shallow, wide and long) and hickory, oak, etc. placed in the pit and burned to white hot, glowing charcoal. A screen was placed over and the unshucked oysters laid on top until they popped open. they woud then be placed in all kinds of bowls and placed on the table and we’d use tongs to pull them out. We’d cut out the oysters and then, dip into bowls of hot pepper vinegar, then butter. Cornbread and cole slaw were the side dishes. Usually 2 bushels of mixed oysters would be consumed. So good!!!! the lunch carts are competitive – everything from usual junk to Thai, Japanese, BBQ, Italian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, recent and trendy, French…..the roach coaches go to construction sites. these lunch carts park in the finance and VCU medical areas – amazing range of food.

            1. Awesome, thank you! Oh, an oyster roast… I’ve never been to one of those, but it sounds deliciously amazing! And cornbread… oh man, my mouth is watering!! That’s really cool you have so many lunch carts. We hardly have any… actually I can only think of one and it’s a hot dog cart… but I’ve been reading in the local news about all the draconian laws that make it difficult to operate one. They’re supposed to be working on changing that, but at the glacial pace the government moves, I’m sure it’ll happen soon.

              1. The City of Richmond, desperate to revitalize a once active downtown – business and social scene – changed peddling, vending, and food laws. there are hotdog and pretzel carts but…..many of the carts are not really carts but sophisticated food trucks and as such, are inspected by health officials. The carts, some of them, are usually like a little grouping of two or three by the same vendor – one cart preps, the other two sell. Before I get busy with school again, I should go down and take some pics and post. LOL, a couple of young male friends of mine – one Japanese and the other a Japanese/Philipino mix, went to work at an accounting firm and during a lunch cart lunch, both of them met their current girlfriends! All because of discussion and flirting over food. Gotta love it.

  2. I love Phantom and have seen it countless times over the years. So glad you enjoyed it. I haven’t read the book though, I’ll be interested to read what you think. I’ve never had rubber glass scattered either! That sounds cool

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it too. It’s such an entertaining experience. I’m sure all the productions are a little different too, so it must be fun to see the little differences. I’ll definitely be posting about the book once I read it 🙂

  3. It’s great that you made your dream come true. I have seen Phantom twice and I still wouldn’t mind seeing it again. I think one of my favourite scenes was the boat floating on the water by candlelight.

  4. I loved seeing Phantom, but it’s been years ago. The production was very professional, so I don’t know whether they used locals or not. We do have a great ballet troupe in Cincinnati, not to forget we also have the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati.
    I haven’t read the book, but I’ll be waiting to hear what you think of it.

    1. Oh wow I never realized Cincinnati had so much culture. I’ve only been through there, never stopped to check it out. My husband has family in Columbus, so we’ve been there a lot, which I’ve always enjoyed. Maybe someday we’ll have to take a trip a little further south and see Cincinnati. I’m excited to read the book (have to buy it first though lol) and will definitely be posting a review!

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