Such an incredible photo!


14 thoughts on “Timing

    1. Yes! I just finished it last weekend. I heard about it when Divergent first came out back in 2011, and I read a sample, but it didn’t grab me. Then when the movie came out and with all the hype built around it, I thought I’d give it another chance. It still didn’t grab me from the beginning, but once I got a little deeper into the first book it was pretty good. The second book wasn’t bad either, just a little redundant, especially with the fight scenes. But the third book, oy… talk about boring right up until the last hundred pages. That’s the best part of all three books! You just gotta wade through the mud to get there. I have a feeling a lot of people won’t like the ending though, but I thought it was unexpected and pretty brave of the author to do what she did. Sorry long answer… I’m actually working on a review of it now. Have you read it at all?

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