Writing with Cats


Meet Scruffas.

Now see, I do my best writing at my desk in my comfortable chair with my beautiful window facing out towards a field full of wildlife (or most of the time just pretty trees).  However, when the clicking of my keyboard goes off… it’s like the mating call of the wild wildebeest.  And goes a little something like this:

Okay, I have thirty minutes to squeeze in some writing… red team GO!

Tap, tap, tap, tap… 30 seconds later… MEOW… must ignore… tap, tap, tap… Mew, mew, mew… tap, tap… raw, mew, raw… Must avoid eye contact or all will be lost… Meow, meow, meow…

Gah, force is too strong…

Hey Scruffs.  Soft meow and pops up on desk.  Head butts me.  Give him quick butt scratch, met with tail shivers.

Break over.

Tap, tap, tap… mew, swipes fluffy tail across face, mew, mew… vision impaired, coordination off… must keep going… tap, tap, tap…

Turns around and wipes wet nose across hand, drools slightly on fingers… typing wrong letters, but doesn’t matter, must keep going, will get the gist of it… tap, tap, tap…


Cat is now walking on keyboard… Perhaps I can turn it into a character having a stroke… keep going, tap, tap dgbhsadbf djk, tap, nfjdbsaf , tap….

Meow, meow, meow… moves into little space between keyboard and body.  Tail impairing vision, rubbing head on hands, drool making keyboard slick, but I can make it work… tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap… I’m on a roll and…

Flop… he’s on his back squirming around, must hold head so he doesn’t fall, don’t want any war wounds… sacrifice use of left arm… can still make it work, go right hand… tap… tap… tap… tap…tap.. and


Cat uses legs to push keyboard away.  Mew, mew, eyes slowly close, breathes a heavy sigh, soft mew… drools into a blissed-out Nirvana.

Le sigh… you win.



22 thoughts on “Writing with Cats

  1. My cats are both like that with me! They take turns getting in my way – it’s like a tag team. I hope you are able to get some writing done soon! Scruffs is quite the cutey 🙂

    1. Aw, thanks! He’s cute and he knows it lol

      Tag team, I love it! It’s so funny how cats fight over your attention when you are busy, but the second you sit down and want one of them to join you… forget it.

  2. I really love cats so as handsome as he is, I would always let him get away with it! I really like his picture! I would spoil him so much, long ago I had two Himalayans. Sundance and Gizmo! They would sleep in the headboards of both sides of the bed so their purring rocked me to sleep each night. Thanks for sharing, it brings back beautiful memories. Have a very lovely and blessed weekend my sister!

    1. haha oh I hear ya! It’s so hard to resist those loving little eyes and his polite mews… I give in every time. Awww, I love those names!! (We have a Gizmo too.) And what a sweet story, makes my heart melt 🙂 I’m so glad I helped you remember that! Thank you so much for sharing! And I hope you have a beautiful weekend too 🙂

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