Shine On Baby!


Many thanks for Sandra over at Quirkybooks for nominating me for this award.  This was actually my very first blog award I received from Michelle Clements James over at Book Chat.  (Which I kinda messed up–noob–so yay do over!)   But I wanted to do it again, give thanks to Sandra and nominate more great blogs for this awesome award.  So here goes…


1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself

4. Nominate 15 (more or less) other bloggers for this award and link to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.

Seven Things About Me

  1. My husband, our fur-kids, and my writing is all I need in life.  Okay, maybe popcorn too.
  2. I talk to myself all the time… And sometimes answer myself too.
  3. I get horrible awful migraines that make me feel super depressed.
  4. I love 80’s music.  Any of it.  Cheesy stuff, pop stuff, rock stuff, one-time-wonders, you name it, I like it.
  5. I don’t drink soda.  Mostly because I hate the carbonation.
  6. I love onions!  Seriously, love them.
  7. I do my best thinking and book planning in the shower, yet I seem to forget it all when I step out.

Blogs I Am Nominating:

If you don’t do awards or have already received this one, please just take it as a token of my appreciation for how wonderful your blogs are. You deserve it!

1. Purrfect Kitties

2. Four Cat Paw

3. Cleopatra Loves Books

4. Paws for Thought

5. Playful Kitty

6. Hairballexpress

7. fOISinTheCity

8. Angelswhisper2011

Congratulations everyone and shine on!


13 thoughts on “Shine On Baby!

  1. Ooh, another award!? Cool! 😀 Congrats on the award! You deserve every award there is to be had! And thank you so much for nominating us! This means the world to us! You’re simply the BEST! 🙂 We wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope it’s filled with lots of love, laughter and joy! 😀

    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

    1. Aw, thanks for the kind words guys 🙂 I can’t tell you what your support means to me!! You guys have already kicked off my New Year to a great start! Hope yours is just as awesome and filled with love, hugs and plenty of treats 🙂 xoxo

  2. Dear Stephanie, This is three days in a row!!! Thank you very much… We can’t find the necessary words!!! We are thrilled 🙂
    First of all, Congratulations on your well-deserved awards. You are the Star and the Sunshine in our lives so you Shine-On always 🙂 We are very happy for you!
    For million times, no not enough…million x million times THANK YOU!!!
    I’ve started my page to announce about these good news from you and to nominate for mine, but it’s a bit of a hard work.
    Only for tonight I can’t see clearly because of an eye-drop, so the latest on Jan 1st 🙂
    Have a Happy and Healthy New Year 🙂
    Greetings and kind love to You and to your dear husband, Hugs and Kisses to Sasha, Zoey, Gizmo, Princess Lily Bean, Colberto (my favorite from the picture which I know I’m not fair, of course all of them are my favorite), Merlin, Scruffas.
    Yelloz, Servant Z and family

    1. You are so very welcomed!! I’m just happy to nominate such an adorable and fun blog that’s run by a super nice family 🙂 You guys are the best! Don’t worry about getting the page done… whenever you can. No rush. I’m behind on everything myself, ’tis the season 🙂 Awww, you’re so kind, they all send their greetings, hugs and kisses too! Much love to you all!! xoxo

      p.s. Don’t tell the others, but Colberto holds a special place in my heart 🙂

  3. Congratulations Stephanie! You are so deserving for this wonderful blog you work so hard at.
    After reading the seven things about you, I see we have a lot in common besides our book addiction, Numbers 2, 6, and 7 apply to me. Number 5 – I sometimes drink soda, but I don’t really like the carbonation either. I can’t live without popcorn (or my husband). I used to get migraines all the time, but now I rarely do.

    1. Aw, thank you so much for your kind words! Such a great way to start the New Year 🙂 I can’t believe you love onions too! I hardly ever hear people say that. Usually I get the sidewards glance that makes me think I reek of onion smell (although I like the smell of them too, so maybe that’s not so bad haha). And the shower thing is terrible! We really need to think of a way to harness our thoughts in there 🙂 You are so lucky to hardly get migraines anymore… if you have any tips or suggestions I am all ears (or should I say eyes). Oh, and books AND popcorn! You guys rock! Us popcorn-munching book lovers have to stick together 😉 Hope you, your husband, and family have a very joyous New Year!

    1. Woo-hoo and yet another one! Making my day here 🙂 And you’re very welcome. I can’t wait to read it! I’m at my day job (multi-tasking, shhh), but when I get home tonight I’ll be sure to check them out 🙂 xoxo

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