12 Gifts of Christmas for Book Lovers – Day 6

What if you have to shop for that tough-to-buy-for book lover?  Do you get  them a book?  What if they have it already?  Or, worse, what if they don’t like it?  I once gave someone a book I thought they would like because it was listed under the “customers also bought” section of Amazon.  Well… let me tell you… the recipient opened the book, stared at it, stared at me, didn’t even crack it open or read the blurb and asked for the receipt to return it.  I’ll never forget the look on their face and I never want any of you to experience that.  So what do you do?  Easy, give them something literary related!  And so, I present to you, Santa’s 12 Gifts of Christmas Bookworm Style.

On the sixth day of Christmas Santa gave to me…

Novel teas and don’t forget the book inspired mug!  These teas are so cool… I think even if you’re a coffee and literary lover, this gift will make you want to swap for tea once in a while.  Each tea bag is tagged with literary quotes from all over the world.  Who knows, maybe reading one of the quotes will inspire them to try a new author!

But don’t forget the mug!  Can’t have a piping hot cup of tea without a cute mug.

This one makes me laugh every time

Scrabble Rocks!  Even better check out Scrabble for book lovers game.

Banned Books Mug <—- another favorite of mine

Banned Book Mug

If you need a few more literary inspired check out Book Riot’s page of mugs.


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