Thirty Days of Thanks for Books – Day 19

Handmaid“Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

~ Margaret Atwood, Handmaid’s Tale

For the month of November, I’d like to give thanks to some of my favorite books.  Key word being some because unfortunately there isn’t enough days to honor all the books I love.  So I’ve issued myself the challenge to do thirty days of thanks for books… and today I am thankful for…

Day 19 – Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Imagine living in a society where, if you are a woman, you have no money, you are not allowed to read, you can’t work and you’re subjected to Old testament ultra-conservative thinking.  Oh and if your ovaries are still working, you become a handmaid where they force you to get pregnant by men in power (have sex while their wives pray over you) and give birth.  This is Offred’s reality.  With no one to trust, vague memories of her old life with her husband and daughter, and “The Eyes” constantly watching over her, she doesn’t know how to escape.  But with the mayday resistance rising, there may be one way out.   So why would a tale about a military dictatorship that oppresses women make the list?  Because it makes me so thankful to be a woman in a society that gives us the freedoms it does.  And it makes me wish there was more we could do to help those who are still oppressed today.  This is one powerful book that made me grateful for what I have.


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