Thirty Days of Thanks for Books – Day 16

hannibal“On a related subject, Signore Pazzi, I must confess to you: I’m giving serious thought to eating your wife.”

~ Thomas Harris, Hannibal

For the month of November, I’d like to give thanks to some of my favorite books.  Key word being some because unfortunately there isn’t enough days to honor all the books I love.  So I’ve issued myself the challenge to do thirty days of thanks for books… and today I am thankful for…

Day 16 – Hannibal by Thomas Harris

Seven years since Dr. Hannibal Lecter escaped he is still free.  But Agent Clarice Starling is hot on his trail, along with a corrupt Italian policeman and mutilated multimillionaire who all want to capture him for different reasons.  Yet Lecter wants to taste more of his freedom… Hands down, favorite book of all time!  I’ve read this book so many times and I’m more thankful for it each time.  From inspiring me to write better and create more ingenious characters (not that I ever expect to create one as amazing as Lecter) to being a deliciously disturbing read to the elegance of how the story is told… I could go on and on.  And I’m even thankful that Thomas Harris created such a shocking controversial ending like he did because he wasn’t afraid to take a chance.  This is a book you won’t forget!


4 thoughts on “Thirty Days of Thanks for Books – Day 16

  1. Stephanie … I agree with you and I also point out that Harris is a talented … while also disturbing teller of tales. I fell in love with his take on the “nature” of a serial killer with the first which was put into movie form twice … once by Michael Mann and then the second time by Johnathan Demi. The core power is Harris’ talent for characters 🙂

    1. I agree 100%! His characters and ability to tell a story are just mind-blowing. I don’t know how he does it. Oh, I love Silence of the Lambs! I’m not familiar with Michael Mann’s version, but Jonathan Demme’s is awesome. Really brought the novel to life. Thanks for visiting and commenting, appreciate it 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me 🙂 I hear ya, but I like to get the ‘ol heart going. Although I have to admit, movies scare me way more than books. Maybe because you’re actually seeing the emotion come to life instead of just imagining it.

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