Are we becoming angrier or is it just me?

Angry Scruffas
Angry Scruffas

Is it just me or do we, as humans, seem to be getting more angry, impatient, and obnoxious?  Lately, I’ve wanted to go all Henry David Thoreau and disappear into a cabin into the woods.  Okay, got me… that’s kinda my dream.  But seriously, these past few weeks have been more challenging than usual and my poor sanity needs a break.

See, take this lady at my day job who calls no less than 3-4 times a day.  A day!  And those phone calls last for oh, an average of 20 minutes each.  During these calls she hurls insults and screams about something that is completely out of my control and there is absolutely one-hundred-percent nothing I can do about it.  If I could bring back the dead and locate what she wants, I would.  Instead, I  apologize and explain this to her every time, but still she calls demanding something be done.  What though?  I don’t know.  It’s madness I tell ya!

Or how about this one?  I’m driving and merging onto a three lane highway.  I used my blinker, no one was behind the last car that passed in front of me, and after merging, I stayed content in the right lane.  All of a sudden, within a minute of getting on, I watch this silver car in my mirror cut from the left lane into the middle lane.  He speeds up beside me, lays on the horn, looks right at me and flips me off.  There’s no exits coming up.  Traffic is pretty light for rush hour.  And I have no freaking clue who this bleach blond middle-aged mullet manic is.  After all that, he floors it and cuts off the car ahead of me.  My reaction: what the hell just happened?

Then we have the person with the whatever virus.  She brought some food into the office and I said it smelled delicious.  Whatever.  I asked her how she liked her new car.  Whatever.  I located something she needed (not easy, lucky I found it), made some photocopies, offered to file a few things free of charge… whatever, all while she’s tinkering with her smartphoneYou’re probably thinking this was some teenager or generation Y hooligan.  Oh no.  This was an eighty year old woman.  I’m telling ya… those evil smartphones are the bane of our existence.

Angry.  Impatient.  Obnoxious.  But why?  I don’t get it.  Is it because we’re becoming more entitled?  Or crave instantaneous responses (text messaging, twitter, DVR anyone)?  Or are we all just big narcissistic jerks?  Then again, maybe I just had an off month.  I sure hope that’s the case!  But if all else fails,let’s take a deep breath, slow down, and think happy thoughts.  *Puffy pink bunnies.  Puffy pink bunnies.  Puffy pink bunnies.*


4 thoughts on “Are we becoming angrier or is it just me?

    1. You said it sista! I fear for our future children… and sometimes wish people would slow down and be a little more compassionate. Maybe we’d all be a little less stressed then…

  1. Thanks for the follow and I’ve ben reading your ’30 days of books’ and yes, it would be near imposible for me too do, but if we had to I supose I could. On your current topic of ‘just plain rude behavior and are we getting worse,’ I vote for the geting worse. What hapened to the friend that always asked when they caled, “Is this a good time to talk?” Road rage I’ll never understand. I try my best to stay away from it, but it’s not always possible. With the number of guns on the streets, I believe it’s in my best interest to stay out of the way of the road rage individual. I wil admit, some days are definitely worse than others with every one throwing their anger around.

    1. Thank you for the follow! And for checking everything out. Much appreciated! It’s so hard to choose just 30 books. I keep going back and forth on them… might have to do it again 🙂 Oh, you said it! What did happen to friends that asked if it was a good time? People seem to just assume you’ll drop everything for them and listen to all their problems while they never ask if everything is okay in your life. And you said it on road rage too! Some people get pretty scary with their anger. I just don’t understand it sometimes. Thanks again, loved hearing from you!

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