Do Vision Boards Work?

MyODreamBoardExportBack in the day a friend of mine tried very hard to get me to believe in The Secret.  You know, that whole “coveted ancient enigma” where if you send your positive thoughts into the universe good things will happen to you.  (The marketing gurus claim you’ll become happier, wealthier, and healthier.)  He even made me watch the video.  Oh yeah, there’s a video.  I told him it sounded like a bunch of hooey and didn’t seem much like a secret if millions of people have “discovered” this.  Plus that video… major cult indoctrination.

But, at his insistence, I gave it a go.  Following The Secret’s advice, I visualized myself winning the next ballroom dance competition.  Sent my thankful feelings of jubilation and indebtedness into the universe.  Opened my heart to receiving this gift through hard work, studying the other dancers and picking out the perfect costume.  Then I injured my knee.  As in career-ending injury.  I think the universe got a little confused.  Or else my signals were too full of static.  Either way, just as I suspected a bunch of hokum.

Fast forward to last month when I came across this article and this one by Martha Beck, who I love.  She talks about creating a vision board, which usually involves finding pictures of your ideal life and slapping them up.  Things like a million dollars, sexy spouse, hot bod… just google vision boards and you’ll see.  But Martha says to dig deeper.  Choose things you’re drawn to for reason you may not know or understand.  Things that speak to you, get stuck inside your mind and most importantly, resonate with your soul.  Slap those pictures up and admire your work.  Then she says forget about it.  Let it go.  Don’t try to push it because that’s the biggest mistake you can make.  You’ve already set everything in motion.  Just go about your life following your natural energy and bam!  The universe will reward you.  I figured, why not?  I mean, it’s Martha Beck c’mon, it has to work!

So above you can see my vision board.  On the materialistic end, I have our dream home and a 2014 stingray corvette.  I mean, who doesn’t want a sports car?  And in my defense, I’m very drawn to our dream home because I’m a major hardcore homebody.  Home is my sanctuary where I feel most happy, loved and at peace.  I don’t necessarily want the house I put on there… just something that meets more of our needs than our current house does.

Then I dug a little deeper…

I put a picture with my writing up and the word published.  A picture of fresh garden vegetables because my hubby and I are big veggie gardeners.  A cat sleeping under a dog’s ear… big animal lover here!  There’s a picture of a colorful library (not sure why I put that up… it just spoke to me).  One representing motherhood (no kids yet, but the time is getting close).  Up top there’s a picture of an elderly couple holding hands because I want to grow old, hold hands and go on walks with my husband.  And at the bottom I have a picture of a fall forest (my favorite time of the year!) with an overlay of a zip-liner and a pic of marshmallows roasting over the open flames.  I’ve also included the words freedom (goodbye day-job!) and breathe (something I often forget to do).

I called it a work in progress, but about a week after I did it, I forgot about it.  Gone.  Washed from my brain.  But a few weeks later guess what?  My husband won a fire pit in a Chinese auction.  Later that night we’re roasting marshmallows over the amber flames just like in the picture.  So maybe this diggin’ deep vision board stuff does work after all.  Thanks universe!

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