Live Chat With Wendy Corsi Staub – Tomorrow!

The Good Sister WCSJust received the most awesome news!  Get ready for it…

One of my favorite bestselling authors, who is also a native of my hometown WNY, is doing a live chat, tomorrow, October 9 at 4pm.  This is your chance to ask Wendy any and all questions you’ve been dreaming of, especially about her new book THE GOOD SISTER.  And let me tell you, that baby sounds like a startling chiller that hits home on some big issues like bullying and social media.  If it isn’t bad enough that social media is ruining our lives, Wendy brings it to life in such vivid detail that you’ll swear off the internet forever.  Okay, maybe not forever, but it will make you think twice, especially when it comes to trusting people.

So where is this chat taking place?  None other than   And even better, if you attend the even you can win a copy of THE GOOD SISTER!  Now who doesn’t like to win stuff?  Heck, I just won an autographed book-plate from author Thomas Harris the other day… see, it can happen to you too!

Just remember… October 9, 2013 4pm  Be there!  I will and I’ll be blogging about it after too, so stay tuned!

p.s. spread the word on twitter: On 10/9 @ 4pET join the #BTLiveChat w/ @WendyCorsiStaub & #WIN a free copy of #THEGOODSISTER on


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