Killer Thriller: Two Doctors and Some Cyanide

Poison_Sign_LDr. Autumn Klein had it all… a very successful career, a child, and a loving husband who she was trying to conceive another child with.  However, on April 20, 2013 all that changed when she succumbed to her death.  But who would kill a well-respected Doctor?  And why?  Attention turned immediately to her husband, Dr. Robert Ferrante and for good reason.

After his wife’s death, Dr. Ferrante, a prominent professor of neurological surgery at University of Pittsburgh, took off to Florida.  From there he ordered them not to perform an autopsy and to cremate her remains.  But that wasn’t the most suspicious behavior.  No.  Days before his wife’s death he ordered a large supply of cyanide.  Sure research Doctors order chemicals all the time, cyanide included, but he had no ongoing or new projects that required it, nor was the order tied to a research grant.  And despite his request for no autopsy, the police went ahead and performed one.  Where, you guess it, she died from cyanide poisoning.

But why would a husband kill his wife, especially when they’re trying to conceive another child?  My first thought was an affair.  I figured the husband had a mistress who he wanted to have family with because his current wife was having fertility problems.  If there is substantial assets involved he probably thought killing her would be easier and cheaper than getting a divorce.  But I was surprised to see that she may have been having an affair.  Or that is what her husband thought, according to her male friend who said she confided in him.  The male friend also stated that her husband had a “controlling nature” and she told him she planned to leave her husband soon.  But something doesn’t add up to me.

Maybe this was a love triangle and if the husband couldn’t have her then no one could.  Perhaps he had a jealous controlling nature and couldn’t stand the thought of her being with another man.  Or maybe he has a “God” complex and decided to take things into his own hands.  But I find it hard to believe that a doctor with a family would up and kill his wife out of the blue, especially if they’re trying for more children.  And if she was planning on leaving him, why was she drinking this creatine substance that is supposed to increase fertility?  She exchanged text messages with her husband days before her death about its effectiveness.  Then we have the random male friend; just who is this male friend?  Someone who wants his fifteen minutes of fame?  Another Doctor?  Or just a concerned “friend” who was “looking out for her”?  One thing is for certain though, the husband will have a hard time explaining away the evidence and his actions.


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