Add meaning to your life with baby step four

Puppy Passion
Puppy Passion

When someone says find your passion what’s the first things that comes to your mind?  Career, perhaps?  That’s what comes to my mind.  But when you’re thinking of passion, career should be the furthest thing from your mind.  Yet, passion is exactly what you need to add meaning to your life and we’ll do it in baby steps as we enter the passionate force field.

So if you’ve been following along (or even if you haven’t… welcome!), I’ve been in this negative funk and have been using baby steps to work my way out of it.  It all started with the realization that I’m not living my life.  So I started this quest to add meaning and happiness to my life.  We started out with the Self-care force field and first and foremost taking care of yourself, so you have the energy to build a happier life.  Then we trekked into the Physical force field to get that feel-good fuzziness flowing.  After that we pulled some friends into the mix with the Social force field.  And here we are searching for passion.

4. Passionate force fieldSo why can’t career count as passion?  Well, it can of course, but if you can’t figure it out, don’t push yourself to make it happen.  You’ll only end up pulling your hair out trying to figure it out.  I know.  Plus, it leads to brooding and rumination, which like to bring along their friends negativity and depression.   But even if you’re lucky enough to find it, you spend your time questioning if it truly is your passion.  Leading to more negativity often squashing that very desire you worked so hard to find.  Well, I say forget that.  Because passion is all around you.  Passion is experiencing life in baby steps.  Little things like a good book, a good laugh, a good kiss… feeling everything life has to offer, savoring things, like breathing in that fresh scent after a rain shower or closing your eyes and letting the wind blow your hair, imagining you’re soaring through those white puffy clouds.  Or playing a game of fetch with your dog.  Reading to your kids.  Embracing experiences in a life you only get to experience once.  Realizing life is fragile, short, painful then accepting that, feeling it, letting it go, so you can life without fear.  Little things in life give you the best memories, which help to fill your life with meaning.

So let’s do this… close your eyes and imagine one little thing you would love to do.  Eat a piece of chocolate?  Take a bubble bath?  Play a game with your kids?  Whatever it is, imagine yourself doing it.  Be naughty, bite into that chocolate.  Relax in a soothing bubble bath, breathe in the jasmine.  Laugh with your kids.  Notice how your body feels.  Relaxed?  At ease?  Do you have a slight smile on your face?  Great!  Now just imagine how good it will feel when you actually do it.  Starting with baby steps, try to set aside a few minutes a day (or more!) to take the time and indulge in something that lights up your heart.  A little piece of passion that has the power to make your life so meaningful.  Dare I say, it could change your life forever.  I know it’s starting to in mine.

What little things do you like to do?  What fills your heart with passion?  How are you making memories that will last forever and be your dearest friends in the end?  Because on your deathbed you’re not going to wish you worked more or earned more money…. no taking chances, taking risks, following your dreams, connecting with people, making memories… those are things you’re going to wish you did.  So breathe deeply, live freely, and open your heart to all the passion life has to offer!


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