Add Meaning To Your Life With Baby Step Two

That's me from back in the day... Skidmore Goalie #60
That’s me from back in the day… Skidmore Goalie #60

Exercising is awful.  It’s like eating vegetables for the rest of your life and who wants to do that?  We all need some doughnuts every now and then.  But there are ways to make it seem like you’re not even exercising and bonus it can banish those blues away.  Welcome to baby step two, the physical force-field, that can add meaning to your life.  But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Last week in baby step one, I talked about how I was being sucked into this negative vortex and was having trouble getting out.  I couldn’t find meaning in things.  I wasn’t enjoying life.  Hell, I was just one big ball of suck.  But that morning when I heard Tim McGraw’s song the realization I wasn’t enjoying life hit me hard.  So I went in search of how I could add meaning to my life and now I want to share those ways with you.  I called the techniques for living a more meaningful life the five force-fields because they have the power to really change your outlook on life.  Last post I talked about the self-care force field.  You know, being selfish, making time for yourself, doing things you want to do and  unplugging.  Now that you’re rested and ready to rock, let’s get moving!

Back in the day, when I could beat my speed-walking grandmother in a race, I was a high school athlete (swimming and field hockey) and a college athlete (field hockey).  Then I went on to become a professional ballroom dancer.  Until I had a career ending knee injury (basically I had a 1.5 inch hole in my femur).  But guess what?  I hate exercising.  Hate it.  Abhor it.  Loathe it.  You get my point.  So what do you do when you’d rather light yourself on fire than exercise?  Well, that brings me to baby step two.

 2. Physical force field – We humans spend way too much time sitting and it’s killing us.  Now I’m guessing some of you are saying, I don’t have time or there isn’t any kinds of exercise I like or whatever.  I hear ya!  I used to say those things all the time.  Even when I was dancing there were many days where I was like, dear God make it stop; I’ve had enough.  And I love dancing!  So what do you do, especially when you already don’t have the energy?  Simple.  Stand up and do some light stretching.  Bend from side-to-side, forward and back.  Raise your arms over your head.  Do the twist even!  Anything to get that blood flowing.  Or better yet, get up and walk.  Doesn’t have to be anything crazy.  Could be something as easy as parking your car further away from the entrance.  Or taking the stairs instead of an elevator.  Or finding a nice nature trail to walk on for ten or twenty minutes.  Connecting with nature is a great way to get those feel-good chemicals flowing.  And if you have a dog, taking them for a short walk is even better.  My husband and I walk our two dogs around a couple blocks in our neighborhood a few times a week and I gotta say I feel so much lighter afterwards.  The weight of the world is gone.  And pets are shown to help improve your mood and thereby helping you see things in a more positive light.  And when you see things more positively, meaningful things abound.

When you’re going on your walks feel free to bring a friend, which leads into our third baby step… the social force-field, which I will be talking about next, so hold tight.  In the meantime, let me know what kind of exercises you enjoy doing or how you get moving.

Oh and last week I mentioned my Husband and I are planning on skydiving to kick off the new happiness campaign… well… guess what?  It’s official!  We’re schedule to take the plunge August 31, 2013.  So get ready for a full play-by-play.  Unless, you know, we plummet to our deaths.  In that case, I’ll just take the time now to thank you for reading.  I appreciate all of you and hope you face your fears and live your life.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather die taking a chance than never trying at all.  With that, get out there and go crazy!


3 thoughts on “Add Meaning To Your Life With Baby Step Two

  1. I love doing Pilates and have a tower and reformer at home, so the first thing I do in the morning is my Pilates workout. Two to three days a week I exercise in a pool. Working out one to two hours a day energizes me (of course, my arms or legs might be tired, but mentally I am supercharged). These kinds of exercises work well with my asthma and back and shoulder injuries. I also through in some mild weight lifting.
    Loved your post. Have fun skydiving. You are far braver than I.

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for the comment! Wow, that’s awesome you do all that! I’ve been intrigued by Pilates, but have never tried them. I have asthma and neck injuries too, so I might give them a try now. Swimming is such a good workout. What do you usually do in the pool? I just love the way you feel after exercising; like you said your brain gets supercharged. With skydiving… omg… I’m terrified! But it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so I’m forcing myself to follow through. And dragging my poor husband along with me. Hope you have a great weekend! Loved hearing from you! Made my day 🙂

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