Adding Meaning To Your Life With Baby Steps

Puppy Paw!

Lately, I’ve been sucked into this negative vortex that I’ve been having trouble getting out of.  My day job becomes drearier and more dreadful by the day.  I see people on Facebook/social media advancing in their careers, while I’m not where I want to be in mine (i.e. writing full-time).  I feel conflicted about chasing my dreams of writing verses settling for a more practical secure paying job.  As a matter of fact, I just feel very lost, confused and kinda like I took one giant leap off the edge of a cliff.  Now I’m flailing my arms in the air hoping something will save me before I go splat.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a ton in my life to be thankful for… it’s just that one negative thought is like a cancer that multiplies and spreads before you even realize you’re infected.  (And it doesn’t help that in my day job I’m constantly surrounded by negativity.)  But the other morning everything changed.

When my alarm rings, believe it or not, I don’t hit the snooze.  It goes off about fifteen minutes before I have to get up.  No scratch that… more like before I should get up.  On work days it’s like rousing a grizzly bear and word to the wise, don’t poke the bear in the morning.  Anyway, usually I lay there listening to the morning show on the radio (I hate alarm buzzers).  Now hold tight because I’m going to reveal something that may shock some of you.  It’s the morning show on the… wait for it… country station.  Yup, I listen to country in the mornings.  (If’ you’re curious, my listening preferences go a little something like this: country in the morning, 80’s pop for the late morning/early afternoon, a little rock-n-roll for the evening commute, some light jazz at sunset, and good solid classical to round out the night.)  This particular morning they were playing more music than talking, so I was only half listening until my ears caught a line of chorus that changed my life.

Okay, maybe not changed my life, but it really made me sit up and listen.  Literally.  Believe me, that’s no easy task for this grizzly bear.  But when I heard Tim McGraw sing, “Oh oh oh I.. I wanna go crazy
You can go crazy too…” in his song Felt Good On My Lips, it dawned on me.  I’m not living my life.  Sure I get up every day, push the autopilot button, and go through the motions until it’s time for bed, so I can do it all again tomorrow.  But I’m not experiencing life.  And I want to experience life, dammit!

So what better way to start than with a little skydiving?  Wait, didn’t I say baby steps?  Okay, maybe I meant one giant leap to kick-start the process.  Whatever you want to call it, I’m stoked!  My husband and I are going skydiving!  Guess I really am leaping off a cliff with my arms flailing, but sometimes you have to take that leap if you want to start living again.

But if you don’t want to jump out of an airplane and throttle yourself towards the earth at a rate of about 125mph, then here’s a few baby steps you can start doing to add meaning to your life.  We’ll call them the five fields of force.  I’m going to start with the first one today and go into the other four in the coming posts.

1. Self-care force field – this is your foundation to build a meaningful life on because you can’t add meaning to your life if you feel like crap.  I know.  I’ve felt depressed for a while now.  And I’m telling you, it’s time to be selfish for once.  Take time to sleep in.  Go to the spa and have a me day or read a book or sit outside in the sun and do nothing all day long or if you’re an adrenalin junkie go jump out of a plan.  Your mind and body need a break, so you can free yourself of the negativity.  Better yet, I want you to try something.  A good way to really care for yourself is to unplug.  Turn off the phone, the television, the computer and just sit there.  Close your eyes, relax, and breathe.  Do this for at least 5-15 minutes a day and I guarantee you’ll feel more calm and relaxed.  I do this every morning, every night and when I start feeling like I’m going to have a meltdown.  It always centers me and brings me back to the moment, reminding me that there’s a lot life has to offer.  But you can’t experience it all unless you take care of yourself first.

Up next the physical force field… stay tuned!

Oh, and by the way we’re working out a date for skydiving hopefully sometime in July or August, so hang tight.  You can bet I’ll be blogging about it!  In the meantime, what kind of leaps have you taken or do you want to take?  What do you do for self-care?  Are you living your life?  Let me know!


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