Remember When Poem of Reasons Why I Love My Mom

My mom and I
My mom and I

Dear Mom,

Remember when we used to bake apple pies together on cold Thanksgiving mornings?  Although, I think I was better at eating the apples than baking the pies, but you always shared the credit.  I would bake a thousand apple pies, but none would ever taste as good as yours, if it meant I could be close to you for one last time.

Remember when your hair became tangled in the phone cord and my “solution” was to give you a little haircut?  I’m pretty sure by the frantic waiving of your hands and pleading for me to put the scissors down you weren’t too happy about that one.  Good thing hair grows back and we can laugh about it now!  But I would cut all my hair off if it meant I could hear your laugh one more time.

Remember how you’d hold me tight and tell me everything would be all right?  Even now if I’m having a bad day or don’t believe in myself or just feeling down, I think of you and know that everything will be okay.  You’ve been there for me no matter what with always a smile and a hug and I would give everything I have for just one more before you’re gone.

Remember how I used to play house with all my stuffed animals wanting to be just like you?  To this day, I don’t know how you did everything you did.  All the sacrifices you used to make just so I could have a good life, but I want you to know I would sacrifice everything for just one more day with you.

Remember when we used to snuggle up and you’d read to me every night?  You never missed a night no matter how tired, sick or terrible awful day you had.  You would always always read to me.  I’d fall asleep to your voice every night and what I wouldn’t give to hear your voice once last time.

Remember when we’d have a girl’s night and munch on popcorn watching I Love Lucy re-runs?  Even after working long days on your feet, you’d always make time for me.  I would stand on my feet for all eternity if it meant I could have just one more girl’s night with you.

Remember our midnight talks about boys, dreams, life and how you never laughed no matter how ridiculous my dreams were?  You always believed in me and told me I could achieve anything I wanted even if we both knew it would never happen.  I just hope you can be proud of me and the life I have created, but I would give it all up in a minute just for one more talk with you.

I remember all of this and so much more and no matter where we are or what happens in life, you will always be with me.  And I just hope that someday I can be half the mother you’ve been to me.  I love you more than life itself!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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