Serial Killers: Hannibal Lecter, can anyone play him better?

Meet our Hannibal Lecter
Meet our Hannibal Lecter

I remember someone once asking me who was my favorite fictional character.  Instantly I knew the answer, but now that I’m a writer (whoa look what I wrote… not that I can say I’m a writer out loud to anyone, but I digress…) I think a better question is what fictional character do you wish you created?  My answer is the same as the other question, but I like the latter question better.  And after all these years my love of this character hasn’t changed, nor has my jealousy that such an exceptional character was created.  One that I’m not sure I could ever surpass.  So who is this awesome amazing character?  Hannibal Lecter.  He’s part of one of my favorite book series HANNIBAL, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, RED DRAGON, HANNIBAL RISING (the last one is not my favorite) by Thomas Harris.  HANNIBAL being one of my all-time favorite books.  One that I’ve re-read several times, which is saying a great deal because I don’t generally re-read novels.  I think I can count the number that belong to that club on one hand.

Anyway, I think Anthony Hopkins was the best ever choice to play that character.  When I first saw Silence of the Lambs, it was like seeing the imagine in my mind come to life.  He was so close to who I envisioned from reading the books.  I love it!  What I don’t love is the last ten minutes of the movie Hannibal, but that’s a story for another time.  I’ll just say this… they ruined everything with that ending!  Ugh.  Okay, I’m over it.  Continuing on… Anthony Hopkins has created such a perfect rendition that I’m not sure anyone could be better.  Which includes Mads Mikkelsen who is playing Hannibal in the new TV Show Hannibal on NBC.  I’ve tried to like the show, but for some reason I just can’t do it.  I’m not sure if it’s Mikkelsen’s rendition of Hannibal’s mannerisms, which just seem robotic and off.  Or if it’s the way he looks that for me makes him appear like he’s trying too hard or almost like he’s a lawyer not a sinister yet charismatic psychiatrist.  Or if I’m too partial to the book and movie that my imagination won’t let me like this new Hannibal.  Whatever, the reason, I want to like this show because I love Hannibal as a character so much, but… it’s not looking good.

So that’s what I have to say on that topic.  If you have a favorite fictional thriller character especially an antagonist, I’d love to hear who it is.  Let me know.

On another note… I’m working on a new section for my blog and what few readers I have (thanks guys!  I appreciate each and every one of you!  You give me faith that I can do this.), so hopefully you like it.  It’s going to focus on crime, killers, psychology and all that good stuff.  I haven’t quite figured out the premise yet, but it’s getting there, so hang tight.  Should be coming soon!


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