What Can A Fiction Writer Blog About

My assistant is exhausted from brainstorming
My assistant is exhausted from all our brainstorming

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to be more proactive on my blog if I ever want to be serious about developing a platform.  Which I do, but as a fiction writer I’ve been struggling with figuring out what to blog about.  I love doing book reviews, but I don’t want a website purely devoted to that.  (Plug: if you ever want me to review your book let me know!  See here for contact info if you don’t want to discuss it in the comments, which would probably be the best way to get in touch because comments are not my forte…  I’m just slightly technologically challenged, I swear.)  And I’ve toyed with a “real-time” short story blog, check it out here, but as you can see, I’m not the most devoted to it.  Writing novels is just way more fun.  Not to mention I kind of like hanging out with the characters in my books more.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my short story characters.  It’s just that I know my other characters better and they feel more exciting to me.  I guess it’s kind of like my book characters are my best friends and the short story characters are the new kids on the block.  Once I get to know them better I’m sure they’ll fit in fine.  Until then… what to blog about?

Well, I’m not a nonfiction writer (and for the record I don’t read much of it either), so I can’t stem a blog off that.  I see lots of blogs that talk about writing tips, tricks, and techniques, but that’s not my specialty, to say the least.  No Grammar Nazi here or at least I try not to be.  I’m sure, even after hours upon hours of editing, my writing is still riddled with mistakes.  I try, but details are so not my strong point (thank goodness for my editor, aka my husband, and beta readers to help me with that).  Not to mention, I don’t think I could be committed enough to a blog about that topic.  My interest just isn’t there.  I’d rather read about those tips and tricks than write about them.  And we all know I can use any help I can get in that area.

So you’re probably thinking, what the hell are you going to blog about then?  Good question.  Here’s what I’m thinking… I’m going to talk about my experiences with writing, the trials and tribulations along this path, as well as relating it to life in general, following your dreams, achieving your goals, you know all that good stuff.  I’m hoping that it will help someone.  Anyone.  Even just one person.  It doesn’t have to be in writing, but that would be cool too.  I think I can stick to this.  It’s something I would enjoy writing about and hopefully something people would enjoy reading.  Of course, I might throw in a random rambling post every now and then, but I’ll try to stay on topic.

I’m going to attempt to blog at least twice a week because that feels doable for me (feel free to hold me to this).  Seven days a week and I’m only shooting for two, a little pathetic right?  However, I read this article on Problogger that talks about how often you should blog and I think twice a week is right in that sweet spot.  Either way it sounds good to me!  But during the week I’ll also be working on my novels and can’t forget my full-time day job that pays those bills.

I do hope you enjoy my posts and please let me know what you think.  Please leave comments so I can practice and don’t worry, I’ll figure ’em out sooner or later!


3 thoughts on “What Can A Fiction Writer Blog About

  1. My advice is to blog about trivia, stuff you find interesting and neat. Surely you know some funny details, or fascinating facts to entertain readers with? Or talk about your life. Has something happened to you that people might want to read about?

    1. Woo-hoo, thanks for commenting! And I like your ideas too. Maybe I can take them and weave writing stuff into things about my life, little anecdotes, and other interesting (or what I hope is interesting) things. Given me some stuff to think about… just what I needed, thanks!

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