Book Review: Merry Christmas Alex Cross

Book: Merry Christmas Alex Cross

Author: James Patterson

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

Alex CrossWhere is James Patterson?  Where is the writer who wrote Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls, Pop Goes the Weasel?  Those are the types of books I want to read.  Not this plethora of terribleness called Merry Christmas Alex Cross.

The book starts out with a hostage situation.  A lawyer who has fallen from grace has taken his family as prisoners on Christmas Eve.  Turning into a crazed madman he forces them to face his idea of a jury and atone for their sins.  Detective Alex Cross is called in to negotiate the situation as his family sits home sick with worry.  And in typical James Patterson fashion the action keeps moving.  After reading this section I had such high hopes.  I wanted to know more about this character.  Why was he so twisted?  What happened to him that caused such a change in personality from loving family man to savage lunatic?  I was devouring page after page and then guess what?  Your guess is probably as good as mine.  Because that story ends.  Just like that.  But wait, that’s only, oh about a third of the book.  What about the rest of it?  Well, that has nothing to do with the first part.

I don’t even want to tell you about the rest of the book because it was such a waste of time.  My recommendation would be to just read part one.  I think the real James Patterson wrote that.  Of course, it has some nasty adverbs like “he laughed acidly”, when he should have dropped the adverb and let the dialogue speak for itself.  But when the story is good things like that can be forgiven.  And when the story is bad things like that make it all the more laborious.  Which is exactly what happened as you read on.

Now because the rest of the book has nothing to do with the entire first part, you can just disregard that.  For sections two and three we get back into the terrorist stuff from the previous book Kill Alex Cross.  Hold on.  Yawn.  Okay.  Here’s the rundown: some terrorist woman is plotting with some terrorist group to kill innocent people with some biological agent.  Detective Alex Cross must locate this woman; secure the chemicals, and save the day.  Blah.  Blah.  Blah.  Tired, trite, and tedious.  What a combination.  In other words, don’t bother reading it.

I’ve been a long time James Patterson fan, but his last few Alex Cross books have been so disappointing I’m not sure how much more I can read.  Although I see in his next book Alex Cross Run he is delving back into serial killers, so maybe there is still hope.  Maybe being the key word.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Merry Christmas Alex Cross

  1. Might steer clear! I think I, Michael Bennett is a recently published bit of Patterson panache. (Trying too hard to throw panache into casual conversation). Nice review, cheers! Saves me some cash!

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